The Pig-Dog in my Cupboard

Yesterday a pig-dog* moved into the cupboard where I keep the sweets (among other things). The common German pig-dog (Schweinehund) is something that keeps you from starting a difficult project or task – either because you succumb to laziness or because you’re riddled with self-doubts or fear of the unknown. In other words, pig-dogs are our weaker selves.

The pig-dog which moved into my cubboard, however, is a new variety of pig-dog and is supposed to help you with a difficult task. In my case, the pig-dog sits on my gummibears and chocolate and reminds me to eat something healthy instead of sweets. Like, you know, fruit.

So far he has been moderately successful.

Well ….

 At least he’s been successfuly in so far that I now feel the need to justify myself whenever I grab a piece of chocolate. As in, I’m talking to a stuffed animal that’s sitting in my cupboard.  O_o


* The pig-dogs name is Puntito and has been designed by my Weight Watchers coach. Just so you know whom to blame when I go completely ga-ga.and start writing odes to the pig-dog in my cupboard. 😉