The Perilous Orchard

Horrible Histories episode of today:

Kassian, Gidonius, and Martinus venture forth into the Perilous Orchard. When they eat from the Forbidden Cherries, they call forth the wrath of the nymphs, the Ladies of the Orchard. With their magical song, the nymphs lull Gidonius and Martinus to sleep and bury them under cherry blossoms. But, lo and behold —

Shall I really tell you? *g*


Things are moving rather well at the moment *knocking on wood*. I’ve got the sneaky suspicion, though, that I’ll end up with too many pages, especially since I still need to write three scenes, one of them the great showdown with the villain. Hmm.

I’m getting a bit nervous about proofreading the second part of the novel and inserting all the changes in time.

Ah well …