The New Semester! And the New Me!

As you might have guessed, I spent the days after Thursday with — yes — corrections. And more corrections. And even more corrections. By Sunday evening, I was about to cry. But, fortunately, I also managed to finish those dratted corrections. Well … at least those I had wanted to finish for Monday. When the new semester started. And my new course. Which had so not yet prepared. Still haven’t. Produced a sort of improvised session instead: introduction to the most basic of poetry basics (hey, it’s a class about Tennyson, after all!) (and funnily enough, people were indeed eagerly writing down the mysteries of iamb, trochee, anapest and dactyl) and introduction to the Victorian age. (One of my students was rather upset when I described Queen Victoria’s behaviour in the Hastings Affair, i.e. the queen being more or less responsible for defaming poor Lady Flora Hastings, who was her one of her ladies-in-waiting and would have deserved the queen’s protection at least. But hey, at least I didn’t call Victoria a “vicious, little bitch”!) (Or did I? *scratching my head*) (I’m sure I didn’t. Would I use the word “bitch” in the classroom? Me??? Never, of course!)

And today I finally picked up the new author pics I had done last week. Here’s one of them:

2 thoughts on “The New Semester! And the New Me!

  1. Sandy

    Short, yes! I really wanted something different this time. I’m glad you like the new me look. 🙂

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