The Name Is Bunny, Mr Bunny

Take a cute pattern and a cuddly fabric, add some thread, pins (please notice my lovely tomato pin cushion which I got from my Mum!) and a sewing machine …

… and you might end up with this:

Mr Bunny is one of the crafting projects I finished last week. He is a variation of Miss Chibi-Kitty and of this little bunny (I found the pattern here) — only this time I used the sewing machine. I wasn’t quite sure whether I would be able to do all the tight curves on the machine, but me and the Carina managed just fine.

For the bunny’s body I used some of the leftovers from the fabric with which I filled my first quilt (LINK). It’s very soft and so was perfect to make a present for a baby girl. I embroidered Mr Bunny’s smiley face …

… and also added the initial of the baby girl’s first name in order to personalise the gift. I sure hope she and her parents will like Mr Bunny!

PS: Sorry if the colours in the photos come out weird on your computer. The ‘puter that I normally use to work on photos has died (which is also partly the reason for my lengthy absence), so I have to use another and for some reason or other, I’ve got difficulties with the picture editing programme. Hmph.