The Muse Relented …

… and gave me a little boost last night. Unfortunately, by that time I was just too tired for a smooching party. Never mind, we’re having a little thing going on today. *g* And I’m doing funny translations like

Up rose Odin,
the old hero,
and saddled
Down he rode
to Nifelheim.

Now I just have to find out what “Nifelheim” is supposed to be in English… Or what Nifelheim is. :O)

2 thoughts on “The Muse Relented …

  1. Silvana

    Hummm… ehhh… let me think… oohhmmm… uhhh…

    NO IDEA!!!!


    But hope you DO find out what it is! (And tell me about it because now I’m curious!!)

    PS: Ok, I ordered your book one week ago… couldn’t resist, really. But now I have to wait a month or even more to get it.. sniiif

  2. Julie! ^_^

    Nifelheim? Hell in the nordic mythology. And Nifelheim is know in English. (Also known under the word “Hel”).
    Wikipedia tends to know just everything! *wink*

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