The Muse Is Sulking

Apparently she didn’t like the part where I enthused about other people’s muses. Duh. So the writing went lousy today, plus I ran into yet another problem with my plot; this time it concerns the time frame. Did people still keep strict lent in the early 19th century? Will people hate me if I let my protagonists make love during lent? Or perhaps I shouldn’t make them Catholic after all? Of course this would mean that my wonderful Palm Sunday procession would have to go. And if she wasn’t Catholic, would Cissy know about the Angelus chiming at noon? Will readers know what the Angelus is??? ARGH! Writing fantasy is so much easier!

Will I ever finish this dratted book and keep my sanity? Will anybody like the finished book? Will I be able to sell it?

Can I just hand in the beginning and the wonderful love scene so the readers can put in the rest themselves? The interactive book … what a neat idea!


Stay tuned for further news of Sandy’s descent into sheer madness.

2 thoughts on “The Muse Is Sulking

  1. Silvana

    Oh Sandy, don’t go freak! And don’t give up, YOU CAN DO IT, GIRL!!!!

    Like I told you before, you are incredible! Writing in another language! So keep up the good work and the good spirit! No reason for worrying, really…

    Lots of love from Silvana!

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