The Muse Hit!

But, luckily, this time time no window was involved! *g*

Last night I wrote this whole outline of yet another story — which currently bears three working titles: “Behind the Masks” / “To Catch a Dream” / “Playing with Fire”. I’m not quite sure which one I like best. “Behind the Masks” is so Phantom-of-the-Operaish — and this is no Phantom-of-the-Operaish story! “To Catch a Dream” is sweet — if a little cheesy. “Playing with Fire” — hmm, I really like this one, but it just occurred to me it makes the story sound like erotica. Which it isn’t. Hmmm …

Anyway, so I had this great wonderful idea — Muse created whole scenes for me, including a very, very sweet and touching morning-after-scene. Gosh, it’s such a lovely story, it’s totally driving me crazy that I just don’t have enough time for the creative writing! Or not enough time to catch up with all the stories Muse is throwing at me. :-/ I work so long on each story that at the end I really don’t like it any longer. :-///

[NOTE TO SELF: Learn to write faster!]

But it’s not just that at the end of each book/story, I don’t like it any longer, it’s also that I think my writing is crap. Well, that usually happens around Chapter 3. With “Betrayal” it happened two days ago when I sat there and thought, “Gosh, who-ever would want to listen to this?” I believe this is part of the general mid-book blues. Only in my case, it’s mid-Chapter3-blues. Hmph.