The Morning After

Feeling still elated (is that a bad sign? Oh gosh, it’s probably a bad sign, considering how crap I felt after I had handed in Castle), but also still worried about that second part (oh, okay, here’s the crap feeling, so perhaps it’s going to be right, after all). I don’t think I’ve handled the magic particularily well (except for that scene I wrote last evening / night; I think that was nicely done) (well ….), which is a real bugger. :-/ I hate it when things that look so wonderful in my “mind-films” don’t translate well onto the page (and it did look sooo lovely in that particular mind-film *sigh*).

Great: one of my cats has just bitten into my hand because, for some strange reason, I wasn’t okay with her sitting on the keyboard.

Ooookay, but for the most part, I’m feeling elated and totally, blissfully happy!

Now, of course, I have to start thinking about which writing project to tackle next (apart from finishing “Betrayal”, that is).