The Midnight Update

“Schofseckel” has been replaced by “dummi Nuß”. I somehow didn’t think it right to have my heroine call the hero “sheepballs” …

Revisions are nearly done (except for two points), but I’ve realized that I used a copyrighted material for the translation of a poem. Sooooo — could anybody tell me how to translate “Saluz od treyé amour”? (This is a line from the late medieval poem “De amico ad amicam“, which uses French, English and Latin lines — quite beautiful!) (And, as it happens, one of my favourite love poems!)

One thought on “The Midnight Update

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t tell you for sure, but my best guess (based on nothing more than a few troubador songs I learned in music history classes and the fact that I’m nearly bilingual in modern French) is that if you modernized it, it would be “Salut au très amour” – a horribly grammatically bad way of saying “hello to my very love(d)”.

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