The Midnight Post

The last week of the semester always sucks (not the least because you are suddenly in possession of this huge pile of exams you have to correct) and I’m always bone-tired when it finally arrives. So it’s not such a good thing for the academic Muse to strike at midnight. No, indeed, it’s not. Still, half an hour ago, some almost forgotten memory of some folklore theory raised its head (inside my head) and gave me a gentle nudge. Now the problem with my almost forgotten memories of folklore theories is that I’ve read all of that stuff in German. But I’m dissing in English. Soooo … figuring out the correct terminology can be a bit tricky at times.

Yet thanks to the nudge and a google search accidentally conducted with instead of directed me towards James R. Dow’s GERMAN FOLKLORE (2006). Apparently, Dow doesn’t only list major German folk customs, but also gives short introductions to the most important theories of German folklore. In English. Sounds good. Sounds very good!!!