The Lily Brand an AAR Buried Treasure

AAR’s At the Back Fence named TLB as one of the buried treasures of 2005, and there’re some really nice comments in both the AtBF issue as well as on the AtBF message board:

Lynn liked Schwab’s book because the tone was unique and “captured the redemptive power of love so well.”


This was another book that felt different and original. I think my favorite thing about this one was that Schwab wasn’t afraid to go to some really dark places — I’m not referring to the actual torture the hero and heroine endured, but rather to its psychological aftermath. I thought that she did an excellent job of showing how the heroine blamed herself for what happpened to the hero, and how she isolated herself and did not open up to anyone about what she was going through. I also really liked the secondary characters of the hero’s gay friends. How nice to come across gay characters that weren’t villainous for a change! And I liked all the little allusions to fairy tales and the Grimm’s fairy tales atmosphere.

These people really know how to put a smile on a girl’s face. :O)