The Last of the Week

This morning I got a real big scare: stepped on my scales — and nearly dropped dead: 70 kilos. SEVENTY!!!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!! Six kilos in one week, just because I’ve eaten a kilo of gingerbread?!?!?! (Well, it might have been more than a kilo) (Oh yes, and there were some cookies, too, if memory serves right) How unfair is that? I mean, this couldn’t be happening, right? Not after I spent the last eight weeks in writing hell! I mean, I deserved that gingerbread! Yes, I did! And fate couldn’t really be so cruel as to give me six more kilos of fat just because of the gingerbread! Argh!

Terrible tearing at hair ensued plus spontaneous decision to start exercising again. Put TaeBo cassette into the VHR — VHR is no longer working. Argh! Argh! More panic! Dragged stepper (the one where you don’t just step up and down, but also wriggle your butt and hopefully gain gracefully thin waist, shapely thighs and firmest butt in the universe in a jiffy) (haha!) in front of the TV and wriggled butt for 10 minutes or so. After 10 minutes the TV programme turns really bad. And who wants to step wriggling butt while watching the most horrid shows/films/what not imaginable??? Besides, I hadn’t had breakfast yet.

Still, beside my first babystep towards shapely butt, the 70 kilos continue to bother me. Like, LOTS. Fortunately, my parents don’t live far away so I could go and try out their scales (while my mother was out visiting my greataunt) (of course, you don’t step on scales when your mother is somewhere nearby and might comment on your weight! Thank you. No.) And lo and behold! it turned out my scales are broken! Yeah! Great relief! *big smile*


I started reading the manga of HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE today and I’m totally loving it. It’s fully colored and allows you to enjoy the imgages from the film once again. Lovely!

I hope I’ll get to update my homepage tomorrow. At least post the new contest. When you’re a computer daftie, everything seems just a little bit more complicated. Ah well …