The Last of Sandy

Cosmetics packed, kitties fed, bathroom cleaned, dishes done, Sandy finished (she also just realized that she’s forgotten to print out directions how to get to party on Tuesday evening — aaaargh! *head on table*)

Still need to do litter trays. :-/


On this cheerful note, I leave you all alone for a week or more. I’m sure I’ll be all excited by tomorrow morning, but right now, I’m just horribly tired. So, good night, everybody. Stay safe!

One thought on “The Last of Sandy

  1. Donna

    So glad your Mum is staying with your cats! You wouldn’t believe the number of nutjobs who adopt cats and then leave them alone for days on end with just some dry food and water. Then they wonder why the cats are stressed out, ill, and increasingly neurotic.

    Have a great time in Atlanta!

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