The Five Faces (300th Post!!!!)

I’m not quite sure who came up with the Five-Faces-theory, but I heard it mentioned several times during the conference. It goes as follows: at each big conference, there are five people (dear friends and roomies excluded) you will run into repeatedly, and thus, there are five faces you’ll see, like, everywhere. I’m afraid, I know only two of my 2006 Five Faces by name: Ann DeStefano and costume whizz kid extraordinaire Kalen Hughes aka Tonda Fuller. Tonda is a follow Beau Monde member and gives the most terrific workshops on clothing! Unfortunately, I missed her workshop this year because my own was scheduled for the same slot. Duh. But she prepared a lovely booklet on fabrics of the Regency — complete with fabric samples!!! Her first romance novel, LORD OF SIN, will be published in April 2007 — and she’s got one sexy cover for that one!