4 thoughts on “The First of the Year

  1. Richard

    Happy New Year to ya all!
    Resolution for the new year: do more reading!!! (Especially English Books from Frankfurt’s finest authors).

    But one comment, I cannot deny myself: Your party must have been rather short or so boring, that you managed to say Happy New Year at 1:51 AM ?!?!?! You really turn into a computer geek 😎

  2. Sandy

    Dorie, “prosperous” sounds awfully good. 🙂

    Cokadi, I’m glad you enjoyed TLB! Hope you’ll enjoy the next one, too (whenever that comes out)

    And Richard, you should know what a horrible sleepyhead I am! Besides, no prolonged partying for us poor authors who have to hand in revised manuscripts on the 2nd day of the year. ;P

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