The First of September

Made some good progress with the PhD thingy this past week. At the moment my desk is covered with piles of books on Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and I’m still waiting for some more to arrive next week (at least I hope they’ll arrive next week!). Today I mostly worked on the footnotes, which is always pretty frustrating because the text is 10 pt (instead of 12 pt) and single spaced (instead of 1.5 spacing), which means that you write and write and write and write and write (and writeandwriteandwriteandwrite), but the total amount of pages doesn’t considerably grow. Duh. Still, I love footnotes. 🙂

Had the most curious dream tonight: went to a conference in the USA, the conference hotel wasn really big, and I couldn’t find the floor with my room. It was horrible: I stepped into the elevator, but then I realized that there was no button for Floor 671. Most of the other people got out (lucky devils!), and I decided I would get out on Floor 670 and take the stairs to 671. However, Floor 670 turned out to be a big warehouse and there weren’t any stairs (or escalators) to be seen. One of the employees told me I needed to get into another elevator, but when I was in that one, I found it didn’t have a button for Floor 670 either. Instead, it brought me to the multi-storey carpark in the hotel. By that time I was totally agitated and decided I’d go back to the lobby — only that the elevator didn’t have a button for the lobby either. Just when I was about to burst into tears, I woke up. Drenched with sweat.