The Fair

Last week our fair city on the Main was stuffed with people who work in the book business and/or simply love books: another year, another international bookfair in Frankfurt. Bloomberg gives a short summary of this year’s main events and attractions:

A politically correct German Bible, the after-ripples of Guenter Grass’s revelations about his wartime role, a 50th anniversary and the death of the poet Oskar Pastior were among the defining moments of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Grass apparently voiced again his astonishment over the recriminations after the revelation of his past in the SS and said they were hurtful. And I still wonder what the heck he had expected after sitting on a moral high horse for the past 50 years. Geez.

I didn’t go to the fair this year — it’s simply too stressful (but really great if you want to loose a few pounds) (on second thought, perhaps I should have gone to the fair after all! *g*) and there are too many people for my liking. From what I heard, the English-language hall must have been really disappointing this year: most publishing houses had only brought cover flaps and posters, instead of real books. And Mills&Boon wasn’t there! (I still fondly remember the M&B plastic bag I got two or three years ago: it was filled with several M&B novels and after I put on my best sad-little-puppy face that nice young guy at their stall put in a few more.) (But hey, I’m a good customer of theirs!)

I also fondly remember the year I drove to the fair with my friend Petra and I missed the fricking exit. *head on table* In search of the proper carpark, we drove through the most interesting streets in Frankfurt (none of which I have ever found again!), didn’t find the stupid carpark so that I finally gave up and took the first best empty parking space I could find. (Ein Parkplatz! Ein Parkplatz!) We walked for about 20 minutes — only to find out that we had ended up being on the wrong side of the stupid fair building. Hooray, hooray! So we walked for about another 40 minutes until we had finally reached the main entrance…. Oh, what fun! (But I lost 3 kilos that day!) (As I said, the fair’s really good if you want to lose a few pounds.)

’nuff said. Off to feed the kitties.

Oooops, need to do the dishes first!

2 thoughts on “The Fair

  1. Richard

    The bookfair (only missed two in the last 16 years!) was(!) disapointing this year. But still I managed to rip of some books for a good price. It drives tears to my eyes though, when I go by Andrews&McMeel, and they have nothing more than a poster of Calvin&Hobbes. I used to buy almost all my comic books there, but those days are gone. But I finally took some nice pictures of the Messeturm!
    (About the loosing weight: I probably lost 2 inches of skin from my feet. I think there should be an award for running through every aile in less then two days!)

  2. Sandy

    I probably lost 2 inches of skin from my feet.

    To be honest, I don’t think that’s where I want to lose these pounds. *g* But at least you were able to find and buy some books.

    I’m sorry I missed you that weekend, though. But perhaps you might be persuaded to return to the area on the weekend of the 21st? 🙂

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