The Easter Bunny Loves Cake Stands

It’s true! Not only does the Easter Bunny love baking with Sandy, no, the Easter Bunny also loves cake stands! How extraordinary! Obviously, the Easter Bunny and I, we understand each other. So he was very happy indeed whe I found this on ebay:

Isn’t it pretty?

I was looking for a cake stand to go with my “Wiesengrund & Bergeshöh’n” china (Meadows & Mountaintops – the name never fails to make me smile. It’s such a happy, cheerful name, just perfect for this pretty series!) as I’ve discovered the joys of itty-bitty mini tea cakes (hehe), and the best way to display these is on a cake stand, right?


Now I’ve already got a white, 3-tier cake stand, which you’ve seen here, but obviously it doesn’t really fit the egg-shell coloured, gold rimmed china. But this new cake stand – ooooooh! It will look so pretty with the Wiesengrund & Bergeshöh’n tea set:

Hmmm… *dreamy sigh*

I see …

I see …

… many tea parties in the future. (After all the horrible dragons have been killed, that is.)

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