The dragons have et me brain

At least that’s what my head feels like at the moment. Stuffed with cotton wool. Thanks, ye dragons. Slaying’s too good for you! (Grrr!)

On a brighter, non-dissertation related, note: My Mum dragged me furniture shopping yesterday as Segmüller had a special “30% + 10% off on everything” offer running. I found a sleek, little wardrobe for my coats and jackets, which I’ll put on the landing just below the entrance door to my flat. (Or rather, those nice men who will bring the wardrobe to our place in a weeks’ time will assemble and put it up there — for just 50 € more!) I also found an armchair for my mini-library. It looks like this:

But with a fabric similar to this one:

Now I just have to reorganise and declutter my shelves AND figure out what to do with the empty wall above the piano, to make the whole library look a bit more classy. Oh yes, AND find a throw to cover the seat of the armchair and thus keep it (relatively) free of cat hair.