The Bunny Who Wanted to Be a Mouse

When you write a novel, strange things happen sometimes. Like, you’re planning this fantabulous gothic romance and then – bang! – in walks this female character with sturdy boots and proceeds to stomp all the gothicness to dust. (That’s rather disconcerting, let me tell you.)

Sometimes characters talk to you. (If they actually call you, like, on the phone, you might want to consult a doctor, though. Just saying.)

Sometimes characters insist on being somebody else.

Did you know that exactly the same thing can happen when you do embroidery?


You want proof?

Then let’s have a look at a little bunny from that super-cute Japanese crafting magazine I got a few days ago:

This little bunny:

Do you see the cute little ears? And the cute little bunny tail? And now, may I draw your attention to this little bunny:


Well, as you can plainly see, the little bunny didn’t want to be a bunny. It wanted to be a mouse. I made two attempts to rectify the situation, but it still looked like a mouse. So I finally decided to go with the flow and let the bunny be a mouse.

The bunny was happy.

I was happy.

And I hope the recipient of this little bag will also be very happy.

Here’s the inside. I lined the bag with a very smooth, satiny cotton:

Do you remember the fabric? I also used it for my very first sewing project last year. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Bunny Who Wanted to Be a Mouse

  1. Dorie

    Hi Sandy!

    Sorry I haven’t commented in so long, but I have visited your blog. I hope you and your kitty are doing well!

    I have to say that those books are so cute and I do agree, the Japanese make the best sewing/crocheting/hobby books out there. Not to mention all the thread/yarn and fabric they have there.

    But I wanted to say you did a great job and that bag is too cute!

    And now I really want to sew one of those cute little stamps.

  2. Suedio

    Oh my, that is one cute little bag! And I love the “stamp” – bunny or mouse – either way it’s gorgeous.

    Regards, Sue

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