The Birth of the Flower Bunny

As it’s now past midnight, here’s my Tuesday post: The Birth of the Flower Bunny on Monday Evening.

First there was a piece of fabric and a chibi-bunny pattern (from my little mochi).

And after two hours or so, there was this:

You might have noticed that the flower bunny doesn’t yet have a face at that stage. That’s because I wanted to try what everybody else is doing, namely doing the face after the stuffing.
Bad idea.
Really bad idea.
Embroidering the wee bunny’s face became a major nightmare, but after an hour the flower-power softie finally had a face. Then I only needed to stuff the rest of the body and sew the bottom shut. And here’s the finished bunny:

I hope the recipient is going to like it!

(Is it just me or does the flower bunny look like a flower mouse???)

2 thoughts on “The Birth of the Flower Bunny

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Does it have a fluffy little tail? That’s usually the easiest way to distinguish between a stylised mouse and a stylised rabbit. Mice tend to have tails that look like pieces of string, whereas the rabbits have tails that look like tiny blobs of candy floss.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Because the future flower bunny owner is very young (and hence, might gnaw fluffy tail off and choke on it), the bunny has a little embroidered flower instead of a fluffy tail.

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