The Bestial Boar

The new term started on Monday, so the past few days whirled by in a flurry of preparations. I didn’t get much of anything done beyond stuff for uni. So I don’t really have any news for you except for …

… the Bestial Boar.

Specifically, an image of the Bestial Boar.

Yes, indeed, not sparing any effort, not caring about the great danger, I ventured forth to sketch a likeness of this mythical beast. And would you believe it? I was successful (well, more or less).

 The text is a snippet from Chapter 4 of Springtime Pleasures:

Charlie became aware that Lady Isabella was staring at her in a most peculiar fashion, which made her wonder whether she had committed another faux pas and whether wild boars were deemed an unsuitable topic in London society. She hadn’t seen any wild boars since her arrival, so perhaps they were considered unworthy of being talked about. Which was entirely unfair when they presented such a problem in other parts of the country.*


* This bit was partly inspired by a TV documentary about (urban) wild boars in Berlin, where apparently groups of wild boars roam through the suburbs and destroy gardens. 🙂