The 100th Post: We’re International! :O)

You might have noticed that itty-bitty button at the very bottom of this page? Well, this is my brandnew statistics tracker (which I actually managed to built into this site!) (okay, okay, so it was baby-easy, but still, who would’ve thought that becoming a romance writer would slowly turn me into a computer geek?) (okay, okay, we’re not there yet. But just wait and see and the next thing you’ll know is that my website has been transformed into a multi-media, audio-video sensation *g*). Back to that statistics tracker: to my utter, utter delight it also shows me which country you’re coming from.

So imagine my utter delight when I found out that

A) there are actually more than three people reading this blog and I’m not just writing into black cyberspace (yay!)


B) we’re truly international!

For there aren’t just the usual suspects visiting (a big hello to everybody from the US, Australia, UK, and Germany!), but also people from more exotic places (well, at least exotic from my point of view): Hello to everybody from Iceland, Signapore, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India & Azerbaijan! I hope you all like my little corner of the cyberworld and will continue dropping by from time to time. :O)

2 thoughts on “The 100th Post: We’re International! :O)

  1. Sandy

    Oh, sorry, sorry, forgot Canada. But then, you’re still listed as York, UK. For whatever reason.

    The tracker is great fun indeed! (And it made me suspect that some of my students are reading this. Hmmm… ) (Are you?) (Perhaps I should start thinking about doing Culture Studies I revisions on my blog! Or picture prompts! *g*)

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