Test, test, test, or, Oy, Google! Do you hear me?

In the past few days I’ve been doing battle with WordPress, trying to find a theme that would suit my needs better and, more importantly, trying to find a way to make this dratted blog visible for Google. Ever since I’ve migrated my blog to this self-hosted WP version, it has been invisible for Google searches. I finally figured that this was probably due to the fact that my old blog was still visible, and, apparently, Google doesn’t like duplicated content. (*quietly sobs into her keyboard* After I’ve gone to all the trouble of transferring all of my old content!!)

Found out that I make old blog invisible to Google searches. New blog now shows up in searches for “Sandy’s Chatterblog.” Yay!

Now, how to make new posts come up in Google searches for “Sandra Schwab”?

Create tag “Sandra Schwab.”

Nope. Doesn’t seem to do any good.


On some WP forum somebody recommends activating the “Sharing” option under “Settings” and connecting one’s Google Plus profile to WP.

Excellent idea! But where the heck is that dratted “Sharing” option?!?!?!

Finally figured out that this option is only available for WP-hosted blogs, not for self-hosted WP blogs. *head desk*

Back to Google.

Aha! Apparently, I have to add a html line to the header of my blog! Easy, right?


Where the heck do I find the index of the blog?

Back to Google. (Again.)

Aha! Apparently, there is no index file in a WP blog.

Um…. What?

Back to friend Google.

Aha! Apparently, the header file can be found in the folder of the activated WP theme. That should be easy to find, right?

Um… It’s not a html file, btw, but a php file.

*panic ensues* How do I change I php file?!?!?!?!

Finally figured that one out. Inserted relevant line. Saved file. Uploaded file. Added blog to Google Plus profile.

And now… *drum roll* …let’s find out whether I’ve managed to make this blog show up in Google searches.

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  1. Sandra Schwab

    Wheee! This post is now showing up in Google searches for “Sandra Schwab.” No sign yet that it has been connected to my Google Plus account.

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