Tea with Absent Friends

Looking at the bookshelves in my library always makes me smile – not just because they’re crammed full with books I love, but also because they hold so many little things I got from friends over the years. Just look at the picture from my last post: the cat sitting between the blue M&B Modern Romance novels was a present from my parents; Julie, one of my Ladies-of-Lallybroch friends gave me the little candle holder with the blue cat and the itty-bitty moon; on the next shelf you see one of Rosemary Laurey’s famous vampire teddy bears (hehe); the cat which sits in front of Teresa Medeiros’s books was a present from, well, Teresa; and the Totoro I got from a reader, Dorie.

I loved that my library is not just filled up with books, but also with love and memories. It is almost as if a little part of my friends is always here with me. And so when I sat down to have a cup of *cough* Christmas *cough* tea this afternoon (aka to flee from the dragons), I deliberately chose the tea bowl you see in the picture below.

It was a Christmas present from my very good friend Petra, whom I’ve known for … hm … sixteen years now. She was part of our legendary biking tour of ’95 through rain, wind, hail and snow in Bavaria. We spent a week being mostly wet and miserable, and right smack in the middle of it all, I got my period. Hooray!

Mind you, that was before the days of “Dolormin für Frauen,” the wonder-pill which enables me to get through the first two days of my period feeling like a normal human being. Without “Dolormin für Frauen” I’m just a miserable heap of pain and cramps.

Now imagine you’re a miserable heap of pain and cramps and you have to ride a bike through wind and rain. Uh-oh. Multiplied misery.

The upside of it was that everybody was really, really sweet to me. (I like it when people are sweet to me!) 🙂

So today, when I was having my cup of tea, I couldn’t help thinking of Petra. If she would have been here with me, I’m sure the legendary biking tour of ’95 would have come up at some point in our conversation. It usually does. 🙂