TBR Pile Takes Gigantic Leap — Up

Indeed, I did bring home more books this year than in the last: I counted 73 books, 12 of which will become give-aways. Not all of them were RWA books, though:

  • Valdemar Companion (YESSSSSS! in paperback even!)
  • Diana Wynne Jones, Conrad’s Fate (which I’m reading at the moment)
  • a big Calvin & Hobbes anthology (how could I resist?)
  • The Monster Trap (a picture book)
  • Ann Pruser, Murder on Monday
  • Lois Faye Dyer, Jessie’s Child
  • Sandra Marton, Naked in his Arms (uhmm … sounds promising, doesn’t it? *g*)
  • Kate Walker, The Antonakos Marriage (can never resist a Kate Walker novel!)
  • Lynne Graham, Mistress Bought & Paid For (can’t resist a Lynne Graham novel either)

6 thoughts on “TBR Pile Takes Gigantic Leap — Up

  1. Kate

    But they actually all fit in your suitcase? And they didn’t make your suitcase weigh more than however many kilos the limit is these days? Seriously, I stuff like two books in my hand luggage and they start telling me down at Heathrow that I’ve goot too much. *whine, whine…*

  2. Richard

    Hello Sandy,

    Welcome back to home!
    I hope, you didn’t buy the 5kg “Calvin & Hobbes” Complete Works Edition. If you have a look at amazon.de you will find that’s a lot cheaper to buy it here! (Of course the big box is proudly standing in one of my bookshelves!)

    And about those other books: I asume we will not here from you till Xmas, as you are busy reading thru them all…

    Have fun,

  3. Sandra Schwab

    Kate, stuffing the books in my two suitcases always worked for me (on the flight to the US I use the smaller one as carry-on luggage and have a rucksack or travel bag folded down in my big suitcase as carry-on luggage for the flight back to Germany). And I make sure to look small and helpless when I check in. *g* The suitcases actually didn’t weigh that much and since you can take 46 kilos on a cross-Atlantic flight … And perhaps, the looking-small-and-helpless part helped with any possible overweight issues that might have arisen otherwise. And if I’m not totally mistaken, last year my suitcases weren’t weighed at all!

    Richard, hi to you, too. I guess I’ll be busy until Christmas with a few other projects, too. *g*

  4. Lois Dyer

    Dear Sandy,
    I’m delighted to hear you carried one of my books all the way across the Atlantic with you. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy it —

    Lois Faye Dyer
    JESSIE’S CHILD August 2006
    CHASE’S PROMISE November 2006
    TREY’S SECRET April 2007

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