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Earlier this evening I phoned a friend of mine. “How’s the book doing?” she asked.

“Ooooooh,” I wailed. “It’s soooooo horrible! The first third is sort of nice, but, you know, the rest of it! It’s horrible. They’ll probably not want to publish it!”

“Sounds exactly like your last manuscript.”


Oh well.

So, does that mean … there’s still hope???


I still need to write that $&)=!§/%($ last scene, proofread the second half of the book and insert those corrections.

The wail that echoed through towns and fields

I still haven’t written that last scene (I hate writing last scenes — probably because writing last scenes drives home like nothing else that the book is nearly done, which in turn means that I’ll have to send it to my agent and editor soon, which means that they’re going to read it ::mumble::and drop dead.::mumble:: AAAAAAARGH!) Instead of writing, I’m proofreading. (I also hate proofreading because it means I have to read my own stuff and we all know how I like that — duh.) Consequently, I’ve now reached a state of utter doom and gloom. ‘Tis not pretty. *sigh*