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I’m hooked … er … bitten

Ever since I read Anne Rice’s INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (actually, I think it was THE VAMPIRE LESTAT which did it *g*), I’ve had a great fondness for vampires. Sexy, hot vampires, that is, not some sort of half rotten corpse. Needless to say that I adored BUFFY (more than one sexy, hot vampire *squeal*).

A few weeks ago a new TV series was launched on Lifetime: BLOOD TIES, based on Tanya Huff’s Blood books. And with such a title, it can come as no surprise that there is a vampire in the series. A sexy, hot vampire (hey, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about it, right?): Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of Henry VIII, dead for 400-umpteen years, lives in Toronto, writes graphic novels (in the books he’s a romance writer; stupid TV people changed it — can somebody please go and bang a big, fat romance novel on their heads?), and have I mentioned he’s hot and sexy?

Anyways, saw the preview (see below) and now I’m keeping fingers crossed that said series will come to Britain and be released on DVD there soon!