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I’m being pirated – shall I be flattered?

I’ve found a pirated digital version of THE LILY BRAND on this site, and I’m not quite sure whether to be annoyed or flattered. At least, TLB is out of print at the moment, so it’s not as if they were stealing something on which I’d still get any royalties. But the nerve of these people!

Don’t Forget The Thank You If You Like My Shares!


The Lily Brand in Chicago

Thanks to the wonderful Laura I found out yesterday that The Lily Brand will be part of a small exhibition in the library of the University of Chicago (at this point, you may imagine Sandra doing a big “Wheeeeeeeee!”): Elizabeth Litchfield has won this year’s T. Kimball Brooker Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting for her romance collection. As a result of her win, eight of her books will be on display in the Regenstein Library — and among the books she has chosen is The Lily Brand. How cool is that? (At this point, you may imagine Sandra doing another big “Wheeeeeee!”)


I’ve just found a new review of THE LILY BRAND on I Just Finished Reading — wow! JenniferB really, really liked the book:

Schwab is brutally honest with emotion and circumstances throughout. She does not stoop to using passion as salve or titled arrogance as protection against evil. Troy and Lillian do not “find” each other through a mutual passion and both remain highly vulnerable—regardless of position or societal rank. In this sense, The Lily Brand was as far from a typical historical romance as you can get.

Schwab’s prose is as compelling as her characterization skills. Without stumbling, she immerses the reader in the story, enveloping us in rich detail, palpable emotion and stark fear. So despite the discomfort, we remain committed. I like a book that can command my attention like that. An author that can compel me to keep reading.

And isn’t that a lovely quotation with which to call an end to this day and totter off to bed? 🙂

A Day Filled with Books and Good Reviews

Carrie has just sent me a link to a link to a new blogger review of The Lily Brand. A new 4 1/2 stars blogger review of The Lily Brand!!! Wheee!

The story is intense and dark, as Troy struggles with his hate and anger, and Lillian with her guilt and fear. Their characterizations are very believable, particularly in how they remember what happened and in how they react and show (or don’t show) their emotions.

Now, that’s what a girl wants to hear. You bet I’ll run around with a beaming smile on my face for the rest of the day. 🙂
And as if a nice review weren’t enough to brighten anybody’s day, I also got three (THREE!!!) packages with books today, including a big, fat parcel from play.com with David Dimbleby’s How We Built Britain. I got the DVD of the series of the same title a few weeks ago and loved, loved, loved it (favourite scene: Dimbleby trying to squeeze through a particularily narrow entrance to a priest hole in Harvington Hall).

Littlebird Blue on THE LILY BRAND

When I sent out ARCs for CASTLE, I also sent one to the Green Man Review and Camille Alexa picked it up. She didn’t like the book. She read it twice, just to be sure, but she still didn’t like it and she was very sorry about this, which becomes quite obvious when you read her review: even though it’s a bad review, she still had a lot of nice things to say about the novel. (It becomes even more obvious when you read the blog post she wrote after said review went online. She’s a real sweetheart!)

Anyways, I offered to send Camille THE LILY BRAND in the hope she would like this one better than CASTLE. And apparently she did! *biiig smile* She blogged about it today and had again lots of nice things to say about my writing style:

Sandra is an excellent writer. I love her sense of detail, her unusual settings, especially her use of dark, broody landscapes with their hint of fey and madness.

Now isn’t that nice? She goes on to say that TLB “as a small but enthusiastic fan base.” Cool. I didn’t really know that. I mean, I knew that there are people who’ve enjoyed TLB — and some of them quite a lot! –, but I didn’t think of it in terms of a fan base. (But hey, I’m the girl who constantly worries her manuscripts might kill her poor editor!)

Okay, so Camille goes on to say: “[TLB]’s exciting in the ways of the best grand adventures: unapologetic.” Hehe. (Have I already mentioned that some of my friends were quite shocked when they read TLB?)


More reviews: Deb from CA Reviews gave CASTLE an 8 and wrote:

This is a lovely spin on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” kind of tale. Lovers of myths and fairy tales will find many references here that add an extra dimension to the story. To say that Fenris is a tortured hero is understating things considerably. He has a decent reason, unlike many other heroes of this type. And Celia is a great character. She is innocent in many ways, but she is also intelligent and strong-willed. When life offers her a chance and a challenge, she does not back down from it. The story has a wonderfully gothic feel with a touch of the paranormal. I’m hoping to see many more books from this very talented author.


In addition Carrie Lofty, who’s the founder and one of the contributors to Unusual Historicals, blogged about CASTLE a few days ago: she didn’t like it 100%, but overall, she seems to have enjoyed it as she ends her review with: “. . . Schwab does a marvelous job of setting the Black Forest scene. Loved it. We get quirks, holidays, and a peek at a culture generally ignored by romance writers.”

Now I just need to find out how to stop speaking Chinese in class.

Off to Newcastle

Tomorrow I’ll be off to a conference in Newcastle: “Feminism & Popular Culture” (and it looks as if they have invited only female speakers …). Initially, I thought Newcastle was this big, ugly industrial city and thus, was extremely happy when I found out last week that this is not the case. They’ve got a medieval part (complete with castle) (well, with a name like “Newcastle” I should have expected a castle — duh! *head desk*) and are not too far from the sea, which means I’m going to spent a day on the beach (probably not sunbathing, though *g*). If possible, I’ll also visit Alnwick Castle, which is nearby: I based the library of Troy’s estate in THE LILY BRAND on Alnwick Castle, so of course I have visit it this week!

Another lovely thing about this trip to Newcastle: I’m going to meet LauraV from Teach Me Tonight for the very first time! Yay!

So, all in all, I’m faintly optimistic that it’s going to be a wonderful trip. (But I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that things tend to go wrong when I travel … urghs … at the moment I worry that it might be the hotel, that the reservation hasn’t come through or that the hotel is downright horrible) (And I’ll be all alone!!!! Waaaaaargh!) (No, no, it’s going to be good. I’m sure. Yes, indeed!)