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After a 10-hour flight, I arrived in Dallas yesterday afternoon (and once again, while I was sitting in the plane, I was wondering why the heck I’m doing this to myself – 1o hours is just sooooo long!). Hotel is lovely, room is nice, view is strange (highway), food in the hotel is expensive (but burger was yummy), and today is SHOPPING DAY! Yay!

And for some mad reason Blogger doesn’t let me type in a title for this post. Grrrr.

RWA National Preps #4: Packing the Suitcase

Today was packing day: Suitcase is still empty — but that was to change soon!
Important: spread things you want to take with you across your bedroom — and panic.

One of the infamous socks (dark blue instead of black):

The new skirt:

More things spread out: big plastic box contains most of my promo stuff.

FINISHED!!!!! Yay!

RWA National Preps #3: Of Bags, Socks and Shoes

Whenever I leave for a conference, I get all panicky beforehand about the number of black socks I own as well as about the size of bags I’ll take on the plane as hand luggage. I usually also worry about which shoes to take with me and which shoes to wear on the plane (it will be rather cold on Monday so sandals are out of question — I really don’t want to freeze my feet off even before I get to Dallas!). Oh yes, and which shoes to wear when we go shopping: sneakers or sandals? It will be warm in Dallas, but probably also raining. And besides, most likely it’s going to be fricking cold in the mall. So, what to do-hoo-hooo? (she moans in despair)

Duh. By now, I’m halfway convinced that it’s going to be awful and that I’d better stay at home….

RWA National Preps #2

I’ve just finished preparing my workshop for the Beau Monde conference. The notes are a bit shorter than they ought to be, but after last year’s desaster (members of the audience shot the workshop to pieces) I won’t prepare more stuff.

Still got 50 CDs to burn. Hooray.

But I guess, I’ll take the evening off and watch PARADISE with Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. And a 10-year old Elijah Wood (who’s absolutely adorable).

And … *drumroll* … I’ve started to miss the writing!!! Which is a good sign! The Muse is coming back!!! And even though I so won’t have the time for writing-related research this year because I want to finish the PhD thesis, I’m thinking very strongly about the paranormal historical set in 1860s Paris which I started to plan almost ten years ago. Hence the recent purchase of two 19th-century guidebooks of Paris.

On the other hand, I’m also thinking strongly about revising the very first novel I ever wrote in English, a contemporary romance set in Scotland. (Excerpts can be found in the Members Section of my website.)

Decisions, decisions!

But for now, I get some food first. 🙂

Preps for RWA National #1

Spent yesterday morning putting stickers on CD covers (see above). Spent the afternoon working on the paper (sadly, it’s still not finished) for the Beau Monde conference. Spent the evening burning CDs (to be put into the lovely, sticker-adorned CD covers). Fortunately, I’ve already finished putting together all the other promo material (cards — as in you-know-what-kind-of-cards-if-you’ve-read-the-book — in little cellophane bags with excerpt and bookmarks), so now I can concentrate on the paper and the CDs. And, of course, on the clothes.



Each year, the question what to wear on the conference, results in a frenzy of dieting and clothes shopping among several thousand romance writers. I am no exception. Only my diet wasn’t quite as successful as I had hoped for this year. Soooo, I went clothes-shopping today, which was almost as depressing as walking around Berwick-upon-Tweed in the rain. Seriously, I tried on dozens of trousers, but do you think any of them fitted me? No, of course not. *sob*

The sad result of 4 1/2 hours of clothes-shopping: two tops, one skirt, two DVDs, one CD (“The Best of R.E.M.”).