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First Episode of Books, Cats & Me Online!!!

I’ve just uploaded and published the first episode of Books, Cats & Me (though for some reason my libsyn blogpage doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact). It launches the British History series which is meant to accompany my Culture Studies 1 course, and this first episode deals with the geography, the languages as well as the flags and saints of the British Isles. You can find show notes here or, if you’re of the impatient sort, jump straight to the podcast episode. Enjoy!

Chapter 14 of BETRAYAL is now online. This podcast episode also includes even more ramblings on the subject of 19th-century guidebooks, for example, why Baedeker’s guides are a better choice than Murray’s HANDBOOKS FOR TRAVELLERS, and what you’ve always wanted to ask a hackney-coachman. (In addition, I make lots of funny noises, which should add to the general entertainment value. *g*)

Enjoy! 🙂

New Podcast Episode!!!!!

I’ve finally managed to put together a new episode of Sandy’s Podchatter, and to make up for lost time, I’m reading Chapter 9 and 10 of “Betrayal” (it’s like “Buy 1 Get 1 Free!” *g*), in which we meet Miss Simmerly again (whose musicale was so rudely interrupted when Ash dashed away) and the hero is presented with a new mystery, while another mystery is solved for us readers.

I hope you’re going to enjoy the episode!


In addition, some more reviews went online this week: at Dear Author and at Rosario’s Reading Journal. At both blogs, CASTLE OF THE WOLF got a B. Yay! They wrote such lovely things as:

The characterizations are deft. . . . There is a certain fairy tale quality to the story, even above and beyond the obvious theme of beauty and the beast. Perhaps it is the setting, deep in the black forest. Perhaps it is the hint of otherworldly elements embedded in the castle walls. Perhaps it is just the story itself of a poor and plain young woman taming the angry beast of a hurt young man.

on Dear Author and,

I had a lovely time reading COTW, and not just because of the yummy setting. Cissy is great. She’s such a sensible, determined woman, ready to go after what (and who) she wants.


As it should be in a good gothic, the setting is almost another character in the story. Schwab really makes the Black Forest come alive with her vivid, colourful descriptions, and I loved that it isn’t a gratuitous “exotic” setting, but really plays a role in the story. And the atmosphere! That was excellently done.

Added to this wonderful atmosphere is a very intriguing touch of the paranormal.

on Rosario’s Reading Journal. Is it any wonder then, that I walked around this week feeling totally giddy with joy? In addition, I found the May issue of the LoveLetter in my mailbox yesterday. And there’s my ad, the lovely interview, and the even lovlier review:

Von Beginn an sehr präsent ist . . . eine ansteckende Heiterkeit, die einen ausgleichenden Gegenpol zur Verschlossenheit des gequälten Helden bildet. Entstanden ist ein wonniger und zugleich ergreifender Historical mit märchenhaften Anklängen in einem zauberhaften Ambiente.

Seufz. Ist das schööön!