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Have I already mentioned I’ve found out this evening that I can’t chew because it fricking hurts? So it seems it’s going to be soup and cream rice for me for the next few days until I’ll get those stupid inlays (no idea whether that’s really the correct English term) next Friday.

And have I already mentioned I’m really afraid of brushing my teeth thanks to those craters?

Sh*tty Day

Went to the dentist last week and she found two holes in my molars (one on each side). Went to the dentist again today and she drilled two enormous craters into my poor teeth. Spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for myself (especially when one of the crater teeth began to hurt. Duh.) instead of finishing that article for the conference proceedings thingy.

Sunday Night Musings

It’s a bit unfortunate that both of my jobs involve working at the computer and writing, especially when I’m pressured for time. There are days when I can’t even stand the sight of my poor ‘puter. When the mere sound of the ventilation makes me want to scream. In these cases it is always a good idea to grab a pencil and a pad of paper, and to sit down to work in another room without the computer (while the poor thing stands all alone in your office…). Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always worth a try.

Did some more dissing yesterday, and today I worked on an article for the conference proceedings of the comic conference two of my colleagues organized earlier this year. Even though I only have to revise my original paper, I still would have preferred to spend this afternoon lazying about on the coach and to watch TV or simply to read. Actually, I even would have preferred to work on my PhD project. I spent Wednesday afternoon leaving through several volumes of Punch, and now I’ve got a pile of illustrations to work with for my chapter on Richard Doyle. Some of the sketches are so beautiful! And some of them are terribly cute, too! *g*

Argh! Rant Ahead!

I recently stumbled across a review — I think it was posted both on amazon and on a blog — in which the reader complains, among other things (CASTLE really didn’t work for her), about the historical inaccuracies of the rotating Christmas tree stand and, oh my gosh, the blinking lights of the Christmas tree.

Does anybody think I actually meant electrical lights?

On a Christmas tree in a rotating stand???

Uh-hu. Probably not.

I didn’t mean candles either, because, come on, candles are expensive and if the inhabitants of the Castle of Wolfenbach are forced to drink Prussian Coffee instead of real coffee, they certainly won’t put expensive candles in their Christmas tree. No, they are wont to use nutshells filled with tallow. From what I read, it appears that tallow lights, and especially those itty-bitty nutshell-thingies, didn’t produce a nice, steady flame, but a flame that was flickering. Add the effects of castle-draughts and — voilĂ  — there you’ve got your blinking effect.

As to the rotating Christmas tree stand. Yes, that is probably historically inaccurate indeed: I modelled it on my family’s stand, which dates from the late 19th century (and I really, really wanted to include it in this story; after all, when will I be able to put again a Christmas tree into one of my stories, normally all set in Regency Britain?). However, by 1830 musical boxes had already been around for several decades and the whole technique was really refined, so it’s not inconceivable that somebody combined it with a Christmas tree stand even then.


I know, I know, one can’t please everybody, but still … Hmph.