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Country Living

No, I haven’t moved to the country to be with cows and cowboys (unfortunately, we don’t have cowboys here in Germany; I’d have to move across the Big Pond to be near the cowboys). Instead, my first issue of Country Living arrived today (very relieved; I always worry that the magazines I’ve subscribed to might get lost on the way to me). Even though it’s not quite as nice as Homes & Antiques, I still enjoyed skipping through the pages while I had lunch.

However, while I was happily reading the magazine and equally happily munching my salad, I quickly realised the disadvantages of subscribing to a magazine from a foreign country. I mean, look at that:

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!
But – oh nohhhhs! The pretty bedlinen is from JCPenney. Which means I can’t get it here in Germany. And even if I could, it probably wouldn’t fit my duvet and pillow. *sigh*
But it’s sooooooo pretty! *sigh-sigh* [Note to self: the next time you’re in the USA, DON’T GO to JCPenney. You might end up buying the whole shop.]
One the other hand, I also quickly realised the advantages of subscribing to a foreign magazine: this:
International cuisine. Yummy, sweet, gorgeous-looking international cuisine. Now I just have to figure out what vanilla wafers are and whether I can substitue them with the common Leibniz Butterkeks. 🙂
Pictures from Country Living and JCPenney