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Goodbye, Kitteh

This morning, we finally had to say goodbye to my sweet cat. After a lovely day yesterday that included watching birdies and fishies from a window in my parents’ flat, snuggling up in my parents’ bed and later snuggling up in my bed, she got extreme anxiety attacks in the evening. She had also lost additional weight over the past few days and could no longer jump on a chair, let alone climb on any of my window sills (hence the birdie-watching in my parents’ flat: they have a small conservatory with floor-to-ceiling windows).

I’m so glad that the weather was nice and sunny this week so she was able to sunbathe (something that cats LOVE to do!) one last time. And I hope that somebody in kitty-heaven keeps lots of ribbons and balls at hand so she can now finally enjoy playing again.

Saying goodbye to Teh Kitteh

A page from my first sketchbook, March 2012

The time has almost come when I’ll have to say goodbye to my sweet kitty. She’s had kidney problems for years, and indeed, it’s a miracle that she has survived as long as this. After the catastrophic results of another blood test back in January, our vet told us she wouldn’t see the end of the month. Well, our vet was wrong.

But now things aren’t looking too good, for the kitty is no longer eating properly. She’s still playing and she still wants her cuddles, so it’s incredibly difficult to decide when the right time has come to let her go. *sigh*

Tablescaping with Books & Kitteh

You will need:

one pile of books

one kitteh.

Artfully arrange both on the dining table. Like this:

Try different angles.

With kitteh looking left …

… looking right …

… looking embarrassed.

(Do we have to continue with this? asks the kitteh. I feel a little bit stupid. – Yes, I say. – Ah, well, says the kitteh.)



Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm

Hmm – ooops!

More Tablescaping with Teh Kitteh

Helloz U zere …
I couldz read U somezing from teh magazine …
or we couldz pretend zat zere’s a birdie sitting on me head.

Oh lolz! Teh birdie iz not sitting on me head after allz.

Itz a springtime morningz tablescapez! 🙂

Have a lovely day!
With lovez
from Sandy & teh Kitteh