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Normal Life Continues …

… with more corrections. (Gosh, I hate corrections!) But on the bright side, today was the first day after the deadline I woke headache-free! Yay! In addition, the chocolate graving is now firmly back under control again. Yay #2! And what’s more in today’s mail I found A) the Poirot Collection 5 (more lovely Hercule Poirot films starring David Suchet) (Yay #3!) as well as B) a free book from Harlequin: Ann DeFee’s Somewhere Down in Texas as a sort of aftereffect of RWA National (Yay #4!) — Harlequin had organized several signings, but at most of these signings there were more people than books, so they let us write down our names and promised to mail us the books. As you can see, they even sent books to Germany! Isn’t that cool? Three cheers to Harlequin!

I’ve been thinking about what story to write next (yes, I know, I need to finish Betrayal first! Never fear, I’ll do so!). If you remember, two days after I had first finished Castle of the Wolf, I started working on Bewitched. (Of course, then I revised Castle a couple of a times, got a bit of a depression, revised Castle some more, etc. etc., which explains why it took me so horribly long to finish the dratted thing [aka Bewitched].) This time, no new story has presented itself so far.

But …

… I’ve been thinking …

How about I take out one of my old stories, dust it a little and polish it a little and see what comes of it?

So what do you make of these first two sentences:

There was nothing I hated as much as court parties. But, of course, being the king’s daughter, I had to attend every single one of them.


What the heck was the point of writing this novel??? Can anybody tell me?????? AAAAAAARGH!!! *head desk*

I’ve just realized that I have given absolutely NO thought to doing away with the villains. What in all the world am I going to do with the villains? Okay, one of them dies, but what about the other? How about sending them to Bedlam? Hmm, that would work perhaps (especially since I start feeling like a Bedlamite myself….) (See? At times like this it would be really nice if dancers and choreographers had blogs. Because, you know, you could visit said blogs and read about totally romance-unrelated stuff! Look at pics of nice-looking men hopping across a stage or other such things! — Yes, totally shallow, but hello? nobody can expect me to be all deep and serious right now when I’m about to have a nervous breakdown over the dratted ms!)

Totally OT: Speaking of pics of men: Have you noticed that Harlequin is using one the same male model for almost all of the Kimani romances? And he hasn’t got any hair! At least not on his head, but sometimes in his face. I mean, hello? Ever heard of a bald romance hero, even if he was fashionably bald??? (Oh, wait, isn’t J.R. Ward’s Z running around with a shaven head? His own, that is. Not running around with other people’s shaven heads.) You people there at Harlequin: this is bad. Really bad. Especially when the book describes the hero as having nice, fairly long hair. Don’t do this to us! And that strange beard? Beards are generally a big no-no for romancelandish heroes! So they should be for cover models, too!!!

Okay, rant over, back to the ms.