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The Appeal of the Gothic – A Guest Blog on Bookish

Today, I’m on Evie Seo’s blog Bookish, where I’m doing a guest post on “The Appeal of the Gothic”: it’s all about fake ruins, fake castles, and other gothic flights of fancy.

And as you can see from this lovely header Evie created for my post, it’s warm-up for the re-launch of CASTLE OF THE WOLF next week! (I’m so excited about this!)

So please join me at Bookish, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Two more guest blogs

Today I’m guest-blogging on Romance Reader at Heart about the swear words Cissy uses, and yesterday, I did my good-bye post on Whine Sisters. Enjoy!

And in case you haven’t heard it yet: Squawk Radio is closing down. The last post will go online on Friday. Oh man, this is so sad; they were the ones who introduced me to blogging, and they built up a very special community. Besides, it was just fun to read their posts. The Squawkers (and Kitty Kuttlestone!) will be missed …