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Still not been devoured by the beastly dragons

Time flies like a dragon, and the PhD thingie is coming along nicely. (At least I hope so.) Ordered even more books from abebooks today (this time about Kenneth Grahame).

As I’ve nothing more amusing to say, I leave you with my favourite song from the 1948 musical THE PIRATE, starring Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. “Some day he will swoop down on me like a chickenhawk and carry me off.” It doesn’t get any better than that! *g*

Isn’t Gene Kelly hot? And these arms — oh my! (nom-nom-nom)

Now back to the dragons …

Cheering Myself Up

Here are two clips from the MGM musical THE PIRATE with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.

And in the next she finds out that Kelly’s character is not Mack the Black:

And now, good night and gute Nacht!

‘S Wonderful After All

The good things about a cold?

#1: You can sit the whole day on the couch, suffering picturesquely, and don’t have to feel bad about not getting any work done.

#2: You can sit the whole day on the couch, suffering picturesquely, and don’t have to feel bad about not getting any work done because you’re having a Gene Kelly Day (and as we learnt from Monday’s post, Gene Kelly is good for the Muse. Toh-TAH-ly!).

So today I watched On the Town, followed by That’s Entertainment 2 and Cover Girl. I’ve got a feeling I’ll spent this evening watching Brigadoon (and then I’ll probably go straight to amazon and order The Pirate and Take Me out to the Ball Game *happy sigh*).

As I need to totter back to the couch to suffer picturesquely, I leave you with a clip I found on YouTube (love, love, love those arms!). Enjoy!

Writers of Historicals Need to Have Lots of Visual Inspiration

Yes, indeed, we do! Even if we don’t model our heroes on the aforementioned visual inspiration, the Muse still needs the nourishment. Toh-TAH-ly.

Isn’t that a great excuse to watch old MGM musicals, specifically those featuring Gene Kelly?

‘S marvellous.

Wonderful, even. 🙂

Besides, if you’re not into crime and mysteries, our TV programme (CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Navy CIS, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, plus several German detective series) is uninspiring in the extreme. Not to talk about majorly depressing. By contrast, those old musicals are wonderful, feel-good entertainment, and you can count on them bringing a smile on your face.

And there is Gene Kelly, of course. Have I already mentioned Gene Kelly? *g*