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Surprising Revelations

Relaxing can be quite hard. So this week, I’m reading, catching up on sleep, and trying not to worry / freak out about stuff I need to do. But the latter has proven suprisingly difficult. Hmm. [Note to self: This is ridiculous. Need to relax more often!]

E-books are more fun than I’ve ever thought. Just imagine: when you’re in the mood for a nice, cozy mystery and don’t have any standing around on your bookshelves and, drat, it’s Sunday or a bank holiday and the shops are all closed, all you need to do is hop online, go to the site of one of the umpteen e-book sellers and buy a book. Or go to one of the umpteen sites that offer free e books. Within minutes you can download the novel of your choice and start reading. It’s perfect! It’s lovely! It’s absolutely wonderful!

So far I’ve read

  • P.G. Wodehouse, RIGHT-HO, JEEVES!
  • Agatha Christie, THE THIRD GIRL
  • Agatha Christie, MISS MARPLE’S FINAL CASES
  • Shirley Damsgaard, WITCH WAY TO MURDER

And at the moment, I’m enjoying Norbert Davis, THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAIN. 🙂

More detailed reports will follow soon!

More Play Time with the Mobipocket Creator

After cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floor this morning, I’ve decided I needed a treat and played some more with the Mobipocket Creator. The result? I’ve finally managed to put together the e-book with the pictures (ha! I knew it! the source code of the html file needed fixing!)! Yay!

And now I’ll dash off and order some nice pizza. 🙂

Playing with the Mobipocket Creator

So far I’ve managed to convert a .txt file into .html (using the Mobipocket Reader) and then into .prc (using the Mobipocket Creator), plus adding a cover pic and a table of contents. I’ve found that the latter doesn’t work if it was already included in the .html file. But use the Mobipocket Creator to create a table of contents for you and the result in .prc looks just fine.

Today I tried to convert a html file with pictures into .prc — which didn’t work at all. *sigh* Some of it is due to the source code of the html, but as to the other stuff … who knows? I hope I’ll manage to figure this out, though.

Kindle Kindles Your Enthusiasm — Not

I’m sure you’ve already heard that yesterday amazon.com released their e-reader, the Kindle. It uses the e-ink technology, has a keyboard and a wireless connection, which enables you to download books (or magazines or newspapers) directly from amazon.com without ever having to use a ‘puter. You can also subscribe to specific blogs (which might or might not be picked by amazon) at a monthly fee. The device has received praise and laurels from such eminent writers as Toni Morrison, James Patterson and Neil Gaiman — so the Kindle must be a book-lovers dream, right?

Well, apart from the fact that it only supports a very limited number (as in, “we’d prefer if you’d read only books in the format we’ve specifically created for our lovely Kindle”) of formats.

And apart from the fact that

[t]he Device Software will provide Amazon with data about your Device and its interaction with the Service (such as available memory, up-time, log files and signal strength) and information related to the content on your Device and your use of it (such as automatic bookmarking of the last page read and content deletions from the Device). Annotations, bookmarks, notes, highlights, or similar markings you make in your Device are backed up through the Service. Information we receive is subject to the Amazon.com Privacy Notice. (from the Amazon Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use)

Wheee! Isn’t this splendid? Didn’t you always want to find out what it’s like to live in a totalitarian state? Didn’t you always want to have a Big Brother?

Now, I know, of course, that amazon is already collecting info whenever I place an order on their site. And since Mobipocket belongs to amazon, too, information on purchases I make there is also collected. BUT to collect info about what I do with my books??? Where I place bookmarks? What kind of annotations I make? Hello???? This is most definitely not my idea of a book-lovers dream!


Dive into Mark has an interesting bit on the Kindle: The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts).

E-Books, here I come!

I’m supposed to correct some more research papers right now. As you can see, I’m a bad girl and am having fun instead (hehe), which includes surfing to www.bookeen.com and admiring their new e-reader, the Cybook Gen 3 (and it’s all Jane’s fault!). After evaluating the situation of my shelf space (uh-oh) and browsing the Mobipocket and Fictionwise online stores (prices in US dollars!!!!!!!), I’m now determined to get an e-book reader for Christmas. (Okay, not for Christmas. For Nikolaus Day on Dec 5. *g*)

Here in Europe there are currently only two e-readers available — the Iliad and the new Cybook. The price for the Iliad is utterly and completely beyond what I’m prepared to spend on such a device. And while the Cybook is still expensive, it’s not outrageously so, given that it works with e-ink and that Bookeen is apparently a relatively small company. In addition, the battery life of the thing is impressive: 8000 page turns! Apart from Mobipocket files, it reads pdf, txt and html, and you can also load and view images. But that’s not all! It also has a built-in MP3 player, which allows you to listen to your favourite music while reading. Not too bad, eh? What really sold me on the Cybook was the sheer number of books you can store on a 2 GB SD card and carry around with you all the time. Wheee!!!! So sometime this week I’m going to take the plunge and order a Cybook. All for myself. And then I’m going to hug it to my breast and lisp and hiss, “My preciousssss.” Hmhm.

Gigi from Ebooks About Everything hast started blogging about her experience with her new Cybook (Part 1 and Part 2)– and it all sounds sooooo good!