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Baby Duck Cuteness

After Mama Duck survived the shock of stupid, cooing human storming into the backyard, the babies were allowed to come out again for another round on the pond.

And now let’s all say it together: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

The baby ducks are incredibly tiny and fluffy.

They’re so tiny and fluffy that all you want to do is to pick them up and kiss them and love them and never let them go.

“Now, babies,” says the Mama Duck, “I’m going to show you where you can find food.”

Almost there …

“Mama, there’s a big monster!”

“Hush, sweetheart, it’s only taking pictures of us to share your baby duck cuteness with others.”

“FOOOOOOD! Foodfoodfoodfoodfoodfood – oops.”

“And now, duckies,” says the Mama Duck, “it’s time for a nap.”

Duck babies!!!!

The duck babies have just come out of the nest for their first swim. The fish were curious, Mama Duck was agitated, then stupid human (me) came storming down to pond because I thought she was hungry. Didn’t see little ones, cooed “Mamaente!”, stomped towards garden shed were we keep the fish food. Mama Duck fled across the pond, loudly quacking, nearly getting a nervous breakdown right before my eyes. Poor Mama Duck. Stupid human!