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Duck Tales and Other Things

Despite what you might have heard, I have neither fallen off the edges of the earth, nor been abducted by horribly slimy aliens, nor got lost in the snowy north of England. No. I’ve been hibernating. In a manner of speaking, that is. Not really, you know, because, obviously, I’m not a brown bear. 🙂 I’ve been hibernating in regard to my online presence, which has done me loads of good. It’s so nice to watch the latest scandals and flame wars from the distance – or rather, not at all. I’ve found that I have no patience anymore for all these online quarrels.

So instead, I dipped into the world of computer games (love, love, LOVE Geheimakte Tunguska!), started handpiercing the itty-bitty fabric samples from my Moda Bake Shop Sampler, admired the handmade clothes of other people, lusted after lovely patterns and heavenly notions, and finally took advantage of the current sale at Vogue patterns. Furthermore, as you can see, I’ve given my blog a little facelift – I hope you like the new design! Though be prepared: Now that I know that changing the skin of your blog is not rocket sience, I might start fiddling with the design again at any time. I’m like that. 🙂

Now as to the Duck Tales – do you still remember this little family:

And these adventurous little guys:

Then you might also remember that one of the little ducklings broke its wing at one point during the family’s extended stay on our fishpond. The poor little guy – well, at that point, we still thought he was a little miss – wasn’t able to fly away with his siblings and so he stayed behind on the pond. After a short, overnight stay at the bird clinic in Ludwigshafen (no, there’s no possibility to set the wing), he returned to us for good and now lives happily on our pond, munching fish food. As his true sex became more and more obvious, he also got a new name: he’s now Friedolin (instead of Frieda).

In winter, our pond is always covered by umpteen-hundred plastic balls for isolation, with just a bit of the water left uncovered for feeding the fish. This bit is considerably larger this winter to accomodate a duck, but as you can see in the following pictures, Friedolin is not adverse to going swimming among the balls either:

Stay tuned for further adventures of Friedolin the duck.