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Gaskell beats Shakespeare

At least as far as our course registrations are concerned. (Ha!) Imagine a small, cluttered office with buttery yellow walls, a large copy of Greenwood’s Map of London of 1827 clinging to one of the aforementioned buttery yellow walls (actually, some pieces of the map are clining rather desperately and only with the tips of their non-existent fingers to the wall while one piece of the map never made it onto the wall in the first place), and Sandy sitting on a dark red office chair, smiling benignly on the twenty-odd students who step through the door one by one to get enrolled in Sandy’s class. Sandy’s two young colleagues watch on in awe. (Yes, in awe, I tell ya, but then they’re still young and easily impressed. *ggg*) After a while one of them mutters something like, “I can’t believe more people are in interested in Gaskell than in Shakespeare.”

I flash him a triumphant smile. “Well, they probably all know that we’re going to watch films which feature good-looking young men.”

“I’m also going to watch a film,” he protests (in vain, of course). “With Kenneth Branagh! And Emma Thompson!”

This time, I throw him a look full of pity. “But I watch a film which features Richard Armitage.” (Please note that I totally refrained from saying something like “the divine Richard Armitage,” or “the yummy, yummy Richard Armitage,” or “the über-hot Richard Armitage who can make your bones melt with just one look,” or “the Look-back-Look-back-at-me, OMG!!!!-That-kiss!!!!!!!! Richard Armitage.” No, I was totally cool and professional as befits a young, hopeful academic.)

“But Kenneth Branagh!”

My look turns more pitying. “Yah, but I’ve got Richard Armitage and he’s hot!”

“Perhaps you should try and find a Shakespeare film with Orlando Bloom,” my other (male) colleague chimes in.

I stare at him in horror. “Orlando Bloom??? That babyface?”

Obviously, none of them has ever watched NORTH & SOUTH. Tsk.

You don’t need Henry to explain — awwwwwww! (says she in very professional tones).

Lynne Graham’s Smouldering Heroes and the Kiss of Asphalt

Nobody writes tall, dark, and dangerous heroes bent on revenge as well as Lynne Graham! THE CONTAXIS BABY perhaps isn’t her best novel (I didn’t particularly like the heroine, who when we first meet her is a socialite living on Daddy’s money, and worse, a socialite with a bad taste not only in men but also in whom she befriends), but the hero, Sebasten, smoulders in a most enjoyable fashion throughout the novel. Here’s the blurb from Fictionwise:

In the gossip rags, socialite Lizzie Denton’s situation looks pretty ugly–Lizzie meets boy, Lizzie dumps boy, brokenhearted boy dies in horrific car crash. Suddenly he’s public enemy number one. And a disinherited heiress, to boot. No job, no home and only a designer wardrobe to keep her company. But the worst part is that the papers got it wrong, and Lizzie promised not to tell anyone the truth. Devastated by the death of his half brother, Greek tycoon Sebasten Contaxis decides to punish the woman responsible: Lizzie Denton. But when he discovers that the stunning woman he can’t keep his hands off–an inexplicable case of lust at first sight–is the same woman he’s been seeking, Sebasten alters his scheme. After all, one broken heart deserves another, right? And revenge is so much sweeter when it’s served in bed–that is, until Lizzie has some surprising news for him….

I love, love, love M&B revenge stories! 🙂 Or at least most revenge stories. I’ve recently read one in which the hero called the heroine a slut all through the novel — and then the author expected me to believe in their happily ever after. Um …. not likely!

Speaking of happily ever afters, my bike decided to let me kiss the asphalt today. Now I’ve got one bloody knee, one bloody elbow, and my whole right side is probably going to be one big bruise by tomorrow morning. Ah well … I think I totally deserve another bedtime story! Or perhaps a proper Gisborne smoulder? “I always think there’s a chance for you and me.” *happy, happy sigh*