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One of Richard Doyle’s initial letters for the Victorian magazine Punch

I’m currently preparing my dratted diss (aka my PhD thesis) for publication. As always when a deadline is looming near, I’m full-blown panic-mode. But hey, this time there are reasons. Good reasons!

  1. I have to format the dratted thing in MS Word, which, as everybody knows, was never intended for professional book formatting. But when it comes to German academic publishing, we format our books in MS Word. Hooray!
  2. The final publication will include a fair number of pictures (35 at the last count). According to Plan A, all images would have been included in an appendix at the end of the book. But how reader-unfriendly is that? So I came up with Plan B: put all images into the text, at the appropriate places. Have you ever put high-definition images into a MS Word document? Let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Hence the panicking. Because scratch Plan B. 
  3. Plan C:  Buy the Student & Teacher edition of Adobe Creative Suite Design (which includes Photoshop and InDesign, among others). But which version should I buy? The German version or the English version??? (Later on, I’d  like to use the programme for e-book creation. Therefore I’m thinking English version. But I’m just not sure. *sob*)
  4. I have to hand in seven special-PhD-thesis copies at uni (these have to include a German summary of the study and a CV) (I think). They are freaking me out, too. 
  5. I want to (must) have finished everything by the end of next week. 

In other words: Argh! Argh! Argh!

A Big Thank You …

… for all the congrats, rejoicing, chortling and galumphing (well, the galumphing part – as well as the mad-chuckling part – was mostly done by me)! It meant a lot of me that so many of you stopped by to cheer me on in the past few months. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Drum Roll, Please

You do know that in fairy tales the dragonslayer always cuts out the dragon’s tongue(s) (=either one tongue or seven tongues, depending on how many heads the aforementioned dragon had), don’t you? Imposters therefore don’t stand a chance, since they might be able to produce the beast’s carcass, but not the tongues. So in the end, the true dragonslayer always wins (except if has been killed by the dragon, of course!) and marries the virgin maiden (usually a princess).

I’m afraid I for one don’t have any dragons’ tongues to show for my deeds (besides, I don’t want to ick you out!), but I actually can do one better: I’ve got photographic proof that the baggy monster has indeed been slain. Here it is:

‘Tis not a dagger that you see before you, but the dratted diss, all ready to be handed in.

Look how big and fat it is! If necessary, it can also be used in self-defense against dragons: aim it at one of the dragon’s voolnerable spots (eye, nose, etc.) and throw it with all your might. If you’re lucky you either knock the dragon out or seriously slow it down. 🙂


Finished! Finished! Finished! Finished!!!!!

Now all I need to do tomorrow morning is to drag the whole dead monster to the photocopy shop and afterwards off to the bookbinder.

4:00 a.m.

Finished inserting the corrections. Finished the title page. Finished the table of contents. Do you know what that means? The dragon is almost slain!!!

Now off to do the illustrations.


Still inserting corrections.

The muscles in my thighs are cramping. I can’t remember that I ever had to deal with muscle cramps when I was on deadline for a novel. Das macht alles gar keinen Spaß mehr. Just saying.