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A Cybook All For Little Sandy!

I’ve just ordered my very first e-reader ever: the fantastiggerish Cybook, which, I hope, will turn out to be as wonderful as reviews suggest. I’ve already got an account at Mobipocket and Fictionwise, have downloaded the Mobipocket Desktop Reader as well as a few samples from Mobipocket and free e-books from Fictionwise and Baen Books. And the Cybook manual, of course. *g* I suppose some time in the next few days I’ll also buy and download the Ultimate Handheld Classic Library at Mobipocket. This collection was one of the things that sold me on the Cybook: just imagine! to carry sooo many books with you all the time! Très cool!

Of course, I could also download these titles from Project Gutenberg. Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll wait for the Cybook and see what it does with txt-files. 🙂