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Castle of the Wolf got reviewed in the Chicago Tribune!!!!!!!!! (Please imagine me hopping up and down and from side to side and generally about and around with joy.) And they liked it. Isn’t that fantastiggerish? Here’s the thingie:

Celia Fussell thought she was doomed to life as a poor spinster, when she unexpectedly inherited a castle in Germany — with one condition: She must marry the son of the former owner within four months. When she arrives, she discovers a few other things her lawyer failed to mention. Not only is her new home a gloomy, rumored-to-be-cursed ruin, but the son of the former owner doesn’t seem to want to turn the castle over to her.

In “Castle of the Wolf,” Sandra Schwab’s nuanced characters, detailed setting and writing seasoned with a soupcon of tart wit blend together to create a magical, fairy-tale, Regency historical romance.

Website Update

I’ve just updated my website: among the new goodies is the first part of the Wolfenbach Library in the Members Section, that is, explanations of some of the intertextual references in CASTLE OF THE WOLF. In order to get access to the Members Pages, you need to subscribe to my newsletter (see brandnew icon at the top of the sidebar!).

Other exciting new things on the website include: more Secrets of Wolfenbach (e.g. about the very special cards Cissy receives from Mrs. Chisholm, complete with pictures of the little Queen’s two faces) and more reviews with an extra section of blogger reviews. So far, I’ve been extremely lucky with reviews: most people enjoyed CASTLE OF THE WOLF and have written lovely things about my novel (in one case, even a reviewer who didn’t like CASTLE wrote lovely things about it!). Among the reviews I’ve recently discovered is this from The Romance Studio:

“Castle of The Wolf was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. The setting being in Germany made for a nice, refreshing change from the typical English surroundings. Ms. Schwab does a wonderful job with descriptive details throughout the whole story. Celia comes across as a very strongwilled woman who gets very creative in her attempts to bring brightness into her husband’s dark world. Fenris is a dynamic character and the touch of paranormal surrounding him makes him even more intriguing. Celia will not back down from her husband’s dark side and both help the other put the past behind each other. This story is a treat and highly recommended to those wanting an entertaining, captivating read.”

Luuuuuvely, isn’t it? *beaming smile*

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy all the new things on my website!

Two more guest blogs

Today I’m guest-blogging on Romance Reader at Heart about the swear words Cissy uses, and yesterday, I did my good-bye post on Whine Sisters. Enjoy!

And in case you haven’t heard it yet: Squawk Radio is closing down. The last post will go online on Friday. Oh man, this is so sad; they were the ones who introduced me to blogging, and they built up a very special community. Besides, it was just fun to read their posts. The Squawkers (and Kitty Kuttlestone!) will be missed …

Hmmm …

I’ve just found a 1/2 star review of Castle. Yes. Half a star. Not even one star. Half.

Soo, what is the normal procedure in such a situation? Should I e-mail her and thank her for reading and reviewing the book? Even though she certainly didn’t say such nice things as Camille, who didn’t like the book either, but still had some — many, actually –nice things to say about it, and who loves my podcast. 🙂


(Of course, if I wrote the half-star reviewer an e-mail it would be terribly tempting to include some snarky comment like “I’m really glad your head didn’t explode while reading my book.” Which of course would not do and would fall into the category of bad author-behaviour. And before I’d knew it, my name would be all over the internet. — Hmmm. Sometimes, bad author-behaviour sounds like awfully good promo … *ggg*)

The Things I Would Have Missed

Just last weekend I was thinking, “Dash it, we haven’t had a proper scandal in romancelandia for weeks! What’s up with people??” And just a few days later we haven’t got one, but two scandals! Oh man, the things I would have missed if I had continued writing in German! *g*

On to another, totally scandal-free topic: on the Idea Boutique my guest blog about the inspiration for CASTLE OF THE WOLF has gone online. Enjoy!


No, this post has nothing to do with a film which shall remain unnamed and in which grown men run around bald as eggs, but doused in baby oil and wearing what looks suspiciously like nappies. Oh yes, and apparently they’ve got great fun in killing each other off.

No, this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with said film. Instead it refers to bookmarks. 5000 bookmarks, that’s what the postman brought me yesterday. I was utterly thrilled, but also slightly intimidated by size and weight of the package. The bookmarks turned out fine, even though the picture on the front has turned out a bit darker than planned. And the poor girl’s skin got a slight greenish tinge, imo.

But still — very cool! And very good and fast service, too!