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A Heretical Thought

*whispers* I think I like Elizabeth Gaskell better than Jane Austen.

*looks around to see if somebody has sunk in a dead faint*

Truly, I love Austen’s novels (well, let’s say I love Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion – I don’t particularly care for her other “big” novels) (Emma gets on my nerves and Marianne’s selfishness makes me want to slap her at times) (see? see? total heresy!), but Gaskell’s writing is infused with more emotion, imo. Her characters are more endearing (Cranford, anybody?), and her love stories are more passionate (wheee! North and South!). The aforementioned sensuality adds a special something to her stories and makes them feel surprisingly modern. The emotions of Austen’s characters seem somewhat restrained by comparison. Indeed, if I had to choose between Darcy and Thornton, I would definitely take Thornton (especially if he looks like Richard Armitage!!!) (who cares about 10000 pounds per annum?).


Will I now go to romance hell?