Tablescaping – U R Doing It Wrong

This is what my dining table looked like when I was working on the chapter on medieval dragons:

I had fled from the study because my desk was overflowing with my papers, books, more papers, cat hair, a dirty mug, and what not. In addition, working at the dining table provided me with a change of scenery! (When you spend your days shackled to your desk & ‘puter, you welcome even the smallest change of scenery! Why, you even come to regard birds sitting on your neighbours’ roof as major highlights of your day.)

I’m happy to report that last night, at 11 p.m. I finally managed to kill the last medieval/Renaissance dragon and can now move on to dragons in folk tales. Woohoo! And this is the place where the heroic battle between moi and the loose baggy monster (also known as “dratted diss”) took place:

As you can see, post-its are my friends. They are like those animals which help the hero to tear the dragon to pieces in the fairy tale. Yay, go, post-its! Bite the monster’s heads off!