Sunshiny Birthday Bag, or, How to Celebrate the End of the Winter Term

The winter term ended last Friday with the graduation ceremony. I served as the entertainment program, or rather, my speech on “Doctor Hat & Featherboa” was the entertainment program. I talked about being a university lecturer and romance author, and about doing research for historical romances. The lecture hall the graduation ceremony was held in had been outfitted with new technical stuff, and as a result the pictures I showed the audience during my talk (like the pic of the pineapple folly below – isn’t that folly just wonderfully absurd?) were ginormously big and looked simply awesome. So all in all, it was a very successful afternoon. 🙂

To celebrate the end of the term, I spent Saturday smooching with my sewing machine and put together this sunshiny birthday bag as a present for a friend, who gave a party on Sunday. (All right, I admit it: I hadn’t expected that it would take me the whole day to sew this rather simple little bag. But it did and it was great fun all the same.)

I learnt lots of new things when sewing this bag – not just how to sew a bag! I learnt how to make button loops …

… how to make yo-yos …

… how to sew letters and keep the fabric from puckering …

… how to use one of the decorative stitches of my machine in order to create an edge with lots of little curves …

… how to make fabric-covered buttons.

And as you can see, the Kitteh was eager to help.

I love how the yellow lining looks against the dark denim.

And here’s the finished birthday bag, filled with goodies from Britain:

Twinings’ vanilla tea and Whittard’s Hot White Chocolate. Yum.

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