Sunday Revelations

  1. I truly hate reading my own stuff. Hate. Hate. Hate. (I’m proofreading the galleys at the moment.)
  2. When you put a pan into the oven and take it out, it’s not a good idea to grab the handle with your bare hands. (See blister on my pinkie.)
  3. Sticking syringes into other creatures is almost as uncomfortable as being poked with a syringe yourself. (Jago has taken another turn for the worse, and now I have to inject antibiotics under his skin.)

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Revelations

  1. cnrenner

    ad 3) definitely not 😉

    … and what is the problem with Jago?

    Kind regards
    who seems to have nothing better to do than posting comments…

  2. Sandra Schwab

    ad 3) definitely not 😉

    Ah well, some people apparently earn their money by poking syringes into other people. 😉

    … and what is the problem with Jago?

    Back in May he got giardia (normal medicine didn’t work, but luckily colloidal silver did), after that he had problems with his kidneys, and now he’s got problems with his digestive system. But it looks as if poking him with the aforementioned syringe might help. Yay!

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