Sunday Night Ramblings

I didn’t get much writing done this week. The job at uni and other things (e.g., Christmas cards — ack!) needed my full attention. Duh.

Why are those weeks before Christmas always so stressful????

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Ramblings

  1. Kate

    Yeah, it’s me again. :-p

    I just wanted to know if it was, in fact, humanly possible to do a course on British history from the ice age to Maggie Thatcher in 9 weeks… You are a much braver woman than I!


  2. Sandy, at a totally unholy hour

    Hi Kate & welcome to my pink blog. 🙂

    As to the British history course: after you’ve survived the first lesson (ice age to Norman Conquest), the rest is sort of easy…. *g* And of course, I can be a little more relaxed this winter since this is the third time I’m teaching that course.

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