Sunday Night Musings

It’s a bit unfortunate that both of my jobs involve working at the computer and writing, especially when I’m pressured for time. There are days when I can’t even stand the sight of my poor ‘puter. When the mere sound of the ventilation makes me want to scream. In these cases it is always a good idea to grab a pencil and a pad of paper, and to sit down to work in another room without the computer (while the poor thing stands all alone in your office…). Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always worth a try.

Did some more dissing yesterday, and today I worked on an article for the conference proceedings of the comic conference two of my colleagues organized earlier this year. Even though I only have to revise my original paper, I still would have preferred to spend this afternoon lazying about on the coach and to watch TV or simply to read. Actually, I even would have preferred to work on my PhD project. I spent Wednesday afternoon leaving through several volumes of Punch, and now I’ve got a pile of illustrations to work with for my chapter on Richard Doyle. Some of the sketches are so beautiful! And some of them are terribly cute, too! *g*